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If your site is hosted by us, please use the following guide to resolve the issue:
If your www.YourCompany.com site is down (does not come up in your browser)
  1.  Call a friend.  See if it comes up for them.
  2.  Has your domain registration expired?   Check Your Registration
  3.  Have you paid your bill?
  4.  FYI, if you can see this site, your internet is working, and our servers are running.
  5.  E-mail us and describe the problem E-Mail Tech Support
    Be sure to Include:
  • Your name
  • An E-Mail address we can contact you at
  • A phone number to reach you at
  • The nature of the problem
  • Your account number

If your Hosted Application is down (you can't log in)

  1.  Can you get to the internet (if you can see this page you can)
  2.  If you usually log into a firewall to authenticate, can you get to the firewall?

2.1.  If you can get to the firewall, but you can't log in perhaps you have forgotten your password or username.  Please contact your application administrator. 

    2.2.  If you are an administrator, and you have forgotten your administrator password, please Email tech support Forgot Password, or if your support plan includes phone support call.
    2.3.  If you can't get to your firewall, contact your application administrator.
  3. If you can get through the firewall, or don't use a firewall:

3.1. Can you launch your Remote Desktop Connection? 

3.2.   If you do not have the IP address (Computer), it may be in the drop down list.  If you can't find it, contact your application administrator. 

3.3.  If you are the administrator, Email support Forgot IP.

4.  If you can get to your server login, but can't get through:

4.1.  If you lost your password, please send an E-mail to : Forgot Password


4.2. If your support contract includes phone support, please contact your application administrator. 

4.3. If you are authorized for phone support, please call tech support.  If you don't have your tech support phone number, E-Mail Tech Support

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