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TracePro Track & Trace


Any company with shipments, packages or orders to track, can use it!

TracePro is designed to allow your customers to view real-time status of their orders, including status history, delivery notification, image retrieval and more!

ETA customers can transmit shipment tracking data and images to our site in real time using a proprietary data exchange module.

Non-ETA customers can send data via E-mail, EDI or manual data entry.

You can choose what fields to display to your customers, up to 5 reference numbers to search, and even how to label them!

An easy web-based form lets you set up tracking accounts for your customers.

Value-added Services and Advanced Capabilities.  


Shipment Tracking:  Once your shipping data is sent to our site, anyone with a web browser can Track & Trace their orders.  Your customers can give their tracking numbers with orders they ship out.  Their customers can then track using your site too!  You can configure custom layouts and reference number labels for each of your customers.


Delivery Notification: You customers  can choose to receive electronic notification when their each of their shipments are delivered, or just certain ones.  TracePro will send an E-Mail to your customers either once a day, or as each shipment is delivered (their choice).  It couldn't be simpler!


Image Retrieval: Signed Proof of Delivery (POD) images can be uploaded to TracePro (automatically for ETA customers) .  Your customers can then view and download images from the internet.  Optionally, TracePro can send the images automatically via E-Mail as a part of Delivery Notification.

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