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As a sister company of Enterprise Technology Alliance, Inc. (ETA) , we provide hosting services to ETA customers.

We offer the following services:


Company Website Hosting


We will design and host your company website.

You provide us with content, and we build the site.

For example, logo, photos, biographies, a list of services your company offers, and some testimonials from your favorite customers.

You get your own administration account so you can set up E-Mail accounts for your users, and make any changes you desire to your website.

That's right - after we set it up, you can make changes without any cost from us!

Please visit our Web Hosting page for more info.


TracePro Track & Trace hosting


ETA customers can transmit shipment tracking data and images to our site in real time using a proprietary data exchange module.

You can choose what fields to display to your customers, and even how to label them!

An easy web-based form lets you set up tracking accounts for your customers.

TracePro provides many value-added services and advanced capabilities as well.  Please visit our TracePro page for more information.


Dedicated Server Hosting


RYW provides customers that desire an ASP (Application Service Provider) environment a dedicated server environment.

This practice is especially well suited to startups wanting to conserve cash outlay, and to those companies with many locations.

Dedicated hosting provides your business with an application server running a familiar Microsoft Windows Server operating system, such as Windows 2003.

Users log into the server using their ordinary desktop computer; or an inexpensive Thin Client, a small device the size of a hardcover book, that takes the place of your CPU (using your regular keyboard, mouse and monitor), but has no moving parts, and is incredibly reliable and easy to deploy.

Once you are connected to the server, you get the same Windows desktop you are used to.  You have a start button, internet explorer, and (if licensed) a complete copy of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Power Point and Access!

Your company is able to run most windows applications, including the ETA family of software, as if the server was in your own office.

We provide all of the maintenance and system support as a part of the monthly hosting fee, so you never have any extra out of pocket costs.

If your business grows and you move from five users in one site, to fifty users at ten sites, you don't have to spend a single dime on servers or labor!


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